Monday, January 18, 2010

New year, new blog!

Bit of a misleading title there really. I've been meaning to redesign the blog since October when I turned it pink, and then realised the post column was set too narrow for standard youtube embedding, and most of my photos.

The problem was I can't find many dragon templates that don't look like they've been transported straight from Myspace, and those I can find are either just a picture under the posts, or have narrow post columns, or both.

So I've decided to brush up on my coding skills and make my own layout, or at least find a nice simple thing to tweak. For that I need some creative commons or copyright free pictures of dragons, so if anyone has some, or has seen some nice ones, please link up!

Here are a bunch of dragons I've found today, none of which have the licensing permissions I need. But since they are so pretty, I thought I'd link them for you to see anyway.

Dragon of world life

Purple baby


A cross stitch one

Another cross stitch

A nice simple dragon moon motif


My favourite Twins picture. I have this as a large poster.


Dragon tile