Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Traffic Light Pork Kebobs

I caught a lucky break today with mark downs and clearance items. I got enough pork for two meals for the price of half what one would normally cost, plus a heap of discounted 'packaged' things, that I wouldn't normally buy, like pre-chopped stir fry vegetables, and a tricolour pack of capsicums. We haven't had kebobs in what feels like forever, so Miss Three and I put these together. Red, Orange and Green Capsicum chunks, alternating with onion and diced pork, and then basted with sweet and sour sauce (discounted to 99 cents! Another bargain)

Master Five informed me they weren't really traffic lights though, because it had other colours because of the pork and onion. Next time he's getting sauteed capsicum strips dumped on his bed of rice. Although I'm sure then I'll get complaints about their shape!

Miss Three thought they were tasty. So did Master Five actually, as long as I didn't call them that "wrong" name.

Don't forget to think (and cook!) pink for the Virtual Night In, raising money and awareness for Breast Cancer Research.


~~louise~~ said...

You can always send it this way, I'm starving and I love kebabs especially when sitting at a traffic light:)