Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kids Cooking Thursday: Pink Cupcakes

Rose and Strawberry Cupcakes, and Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes

It's not a party without cake, and what better kind of cake for a 'Pink' party than Strawberry Cupcakes? Just a packet mix I'm afraid, but we jazzed them up a bit. Half the mixed batter had chopped turkish delight and the other half had pureed strawberries added. I was quite lucky the other day, I picked up a kilo of slightly overripe strawberries for just $3.18. I hulled them, and threw them in the food processor, and then blitzed the lot down to moosh.

This is what a kilo of strawberries looks like in my food processor

I measured it out into little ziplock lunch bags. Two bags of 1 cup each, and one bag with only 1/2 cup. Then 1/2 cup went into the cupcake batter, and the troublemakers "cleaned" the other 1/4 cup worth out of the bowl after I removed the blade. So now I have 2 punnets of whole frozen strawberries, plus 2 and 1/2 cups of frozen strawberry puree in my freezer.
And cakes. Not that they'll last long around here.

Miss Three mixing

Master Five taking a turn

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MuMmARat said...

We did actually make something fot KCT, I'll upload and blog tonight once kids are in bed, been a seriously made day.

Oh and by the way, we made biscuits....I so should never cook biscuits, I'm just no good at them. But they have lots of colour so Lil_Rat is happy!

PJ said...

Hi!!I came here via Taste and create..Nice blog!!Am waiting for lil angel to grow up so that we can join kids cooking thursday :)..[she's just a year and a half]..A very nice theme...