Monday, September 21, 2009

Short and Sweet

Went to the shops first thing this morning after dropping off Miss Three at kinder and Master Five at school. I got a bumper haul of goodies discounted as 'near use by' but nothing that has less than 3 days left! Most of it I used in tonight's dinner, and what's left is for tomorrow's.

To start with, I got Italian Meatballs (less than half price), stir fry vegetables, hokkien noodles, baby potatoes with butter and herbs (in a microwaveable container), cheicken tenderloins, and baby spinach/rocket salad mix. So to make tonight's dinner, all I had to get was a jar of sweet and sour sauce (store brand was only $1.79, although you can easily make your own with equal parts sugar and vinegar).

And the best thing was, even though it was all prepackaged foods, it was cheaper than buying whole vegies and chopping it all up myself. Quicker and easier too :D