Monday, September 8, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Monday Fettucine Bolognese
Tuesday Roast Chicken (slow cooker)
Wednesday Roast Chicken Calzone
Thursday Beef Olives with mashed potatoes (slow cooker)
Friday Pea Soup w/ homemade rolls, and Croquettes
Saturday Orange Baked Chicken
Sunday Jaegerwecken

On Wednesday I'm using the leftover chicken for Calzones, and also making stock with the bones in my slow cooker, to be frozen in 1 cup bags. Sunday we are going to my niece's 13th birthday for afternoon tea, so it's sandwiches for dinner. Austrian sandwiches, for a blog event I'll post more about later.

Please come back on Thursday to join in with Kids Cooking Thursday - I'll break out the Mr Linky! Remember, you don't need to post photos of your children cooking, just get in the kitchen and have fun! This is my first attempt at hosting anything, so I'm hoping you will all join in!

As usual check out I'm an Organizing Junkie for literally hundreds of other menu plan blog posts.


Denise said...

Hey!Like your new background,it rocks!Good one dude:)

Sandra said...

Great menu :) Really like the new look!

My Menu Plan

Karen said...

What is Jaegerwecken