Monday, July 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Monday Calzones
Tuesday Chow Mein
Wednesday Cheese, Capsicum & Broccoli bake
Thursday Venetian Beef (slow cooker)
Friday Dutch Pea soup with h/made rolls
Saturday Homemade sausage rolls
Sunday Crumpets

We've been so busy lately, meals keep getting switched around and put off... thank goodness for freezers and Tupperware! I'm trying to be more organised though. Tonight we are having the Calzones I didn't make last night because Miss Two had gastro. It's most likely that we are going to DP's parents place for lunch on Sunday, so it's a light tea for that night, as no one is hungry much after the 1 1/2 hour drive home again.

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Sandra said...

Wow a lot of my favorites, can I come eat with you this week?

Menu Plan is Up

Marcia said...

The cheese and broccoli bake sounds delicious. How could it not with that combo?!

Is Geelong near Melbourne? We've visited Aus before so I'm interested.

Marcia from Organising Queen

happyathome said...

I have broccoli I will be harvesting this week so I am going to try that dish. Stop by my menu and enter a chance to win some Hansen's Natural SParkling Water to go with all of the meals we are planning!

nellbe said...

Yes SilverMoon, it is nellbe from BB :) I don't go there much at all these days.... I love the sound of your cheese, capsicum and broccoli bake, would you care to share the recipe at all? Thanks!